WebAsOne — A no-code website software factory

WebAsOne is a vertically integrated website platform. It is also a continuously growing platform.

WebAsOne sees the website as one but implements it by a bottom-up approach. The hard part is between one and a bottom-up approach. Because of the range of coverage WebAsOne achieved, the website software factory feature can be visible.

“Software Factory” is a development paradigm that strives to produce software products. Assembled from independently developed and delivered components.
It enables faster time to market at a much lower cost.

From : Is software factory the future of software development?

The key to a software factory is to have reusable components. WebAsOne applies the KISS principle for reusable components and selects a stack of technologies on a virtual private server. WebAsOne’s goal is not to create reusable components so that developers can use them in their projects. Our goal is to make the best value for end customers. WebAsOne is a single state process. With scope defined, the process is set, and limited technologies, creating reusable components can be achieved.

Currently, there are design components and app components that can be built independently. The design components can be (1) TinyMCE template, (2) Extended TinyMCE template, (3) Svelte apps, (4) Yii2 Apps, (5) Others.

The components can be draggable in the UI design website or insertable in the management website. The components can be used by new or existing websites. The integration is very easy and fast.

A case study: To work on a Svelte project. Need two setups: (1) Install VSCode on a local machine (2) One-click to create a WebAsOne design website.

Find a good design; most likely, WebAsOne can find a contractor to build it. Not just design, a well-defined web app can be outsourced too. The hardest part is to build a system to do it. WebAsOne currently has 1400 draggable items with numerous combinations. Ready to add thousands more. WebAsOne is a continuous growing system. The critical part is that it can still mix with old designs.

WebAsOne is an integration company that integrates existing open solutions or hires independent developers to add components.

CEO, WEBasONE. WEBasONE is a vertically-integrated, continuously improving, scale-ready, product website platform. See webasone.com