Vertically integrated website productize no-code platform

All WebAsOne websites are turnkey/productized websites.

Scale by multiple. A virtual private server can manage hundreds of websites remotely.

WebAsOne websites duplicate and redeploy with several clicks. Clone a WebAsOne manage server takes 10 minutes in the same data center. Every website is hosted in a private virtual server which takes 10 minutes to clone. Also, cloning a full-stack application website takes a few more clicks.

The productized websites can be contents based or a website application. Examples of possible productized websites are next. These services are not independent of each other but can be combined.

RBAC document as a service.
Document service can be easily aboded and customized. Also, it can add lots more features. WebAsOne can easily manage 300 pages website with a 1 cpu/2g virtual private server.

Document as a service is ideal for storing for a company or individual role access controlled data. The website can be hundreds of pages. Simple is better.

Currently, WebAsOne has a 169 pages website to manage role access controlled documents including slides(reveal.js), manage website help, blogs, operation, development doc, marketing stuff.

Website request and content upload as a service
A customer wants a website, create a website request website. There are predefined questions for the customer to answer. The customer can upload raw content. This can be done by the customer or with the agency’s help.

WWW directory as a service
Create a directory similar to craigslist. The directory is a website. Could be a (1) single-page website, (2) a link to an external website, (3) mini shopping cart (4) Any custom website application.

The user signs on to the directory service by creating a personal website that users can create/manage websites. Currently, manageable websites include single-page, mini shopping carts, online classes. WebAsOne will add more in the future. i.e., online scheduling.

The directory could be a local focus, specific web application, or global.

The directory can be of any custom grouping. Users can search the directory. Directory service provides a minimal barrier for customers to enter websites or e-commerce. With the directory as a portal site, online users can find you. You only need to do SEO on the portal site. This is aggregate SEO effects.

Finally, local digital agency as a service
To aggregate all the productized services into the agency as a service by cloning a managed server. Use the WWW directory to serve the local community and provide the best value websites for local customers.

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