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WebAsOne provide continuous improving productize websites. One-click to duplicate or redeploy.

Win-win solution

WebAsOne Vision

The best value for customers with the lowest operation cost

Vertically integrated website process platform

  • WebAsOne websites are continuously customizable turnkey websites
  • One-click to duplicate or redeploy

The common approach is bottom-up(narrow-broad):

The first is to define the target market. The more specific the target, the better. Create an MVP and then a marketable product. The focus is selecting a technology stack to create a product of limited scope. Have customers and then iterate by expanding the market.

Once you have customers, the speed of iterations will slow. The most challenging iterates include supporting existing customers, expanding features, and scaling simultaneously. Also, try to catch the keep changing technologies if it is possible. Backward compatibility is creativity’s killer.

The bottom-up approach will need large development teams and substantial capital investments as the company grows. As the feature increases, sustaining growth is extremely hard or impossible. The cost to customers will be high.

WebAsOne approach is top-bottom(broad-broad):

For 18 years, WebAsOne has gone through numerous iterations. With a stack of selected technologies, the main focus is on the changeable and integration process instead of website technologies. WebAsOne is not an iteration but a growing platform. A growing platform that continues to integrate additional features while keeping the existing function. From the features point of view, it continues to expand. From the website’s point of view, it is always fully changeable.

WebAsOne is focused on integrating processes to cover as many types of websites as possible, from a single page to a thousand pages of multilanguage websites, which can integrate open-source or custom web apps. After years the integration process is ready. For example, adding reusable design blocks or the Svelte apps is easy. Integrating a Yii2 or Symphony can be done. Find an existing app, hire a contractor, and integrate it into WebAsOne. The cost of growing can be easily controlled. The end customers will enjoy the low cost and rich functionalities.

The architecture of WebAsOne

The real website is stored under a data directory in the management website. To update the website, update the data directory and then go through the entire WebAsOne-website-creating process through FTP to the hosting website. This is the reason why WebAsOne is a one-state process. There is no difference between the design, creating, development, and deployment stage. The most challenging part is that the data directory contains all the logic, relationship, and possible type of websites, including design, code, application, localizations, and management.

Because of the data directory, duplicating a website is copying a directory to a hosting server.

WebAsOne is not a website company. WebAsOne is a continuous website process improvement system. The management website provides processes to update the data directory, including composing images, editing content, and lots more. For example, the WebAsOne website is a Bootstrap 4 website. Change the theme colors and recompile the Bootstrap 4 theme, and you will have an entirely different-looking website. The system is designed to add or replace processes easily.

Although WebAsOne can create unlimited templates by parsing existing index.html files, WebAsOne uses only one huge complicated template for all websites. A single page or a CNN-type complicated website uses the same template. Only part of the template is used to generate the hosted index.php files.

With the architecture, WebAsOne websites are continuously improving productized websites. One-click to duplicate, and one-click to redeploy.

Current website builders have fancy UI and are easy for users to use. With some resources, it is easy for WebAsOne to expand. But it will be difficult or impossible for those website builders to grow to what WebAsOne can offer.

WebAsOne is one

In many cases, users can integrate different productized/turnkey websites into one website easily. WebAsOne is a continuously growing network platform.

Cost and labor-efficient to run a local agency

The most common website design started with a proposal and others. With this architecture, WebAsOne can provide instant interactive custom design to offer “See your website before you pay.” This greatly simplifies the website design process with a client.

One person can manage hundreds of websites easily.

How fast and can you instantly iterate to meet customers’ needs?

Lots of requests can be honored instantly on a live website. Most website builders claim that they are easy to customize with simple samples. WebAsOne brings customization to the next level. With WebAsOne, users will be very comfortable updating the website live at all stages.

A productized website can be a great starting point for a customized website.

What is the lifespan of a WebAsOne website?

The average lifespan of a website is less than three years. With the level of customization that WebAsOne can do, it can easily last ten years or more.

WebAsOne technology stack:

Bootstrap 4, PHP 8, CentOS, and Apache/Ngnix servers are unchangeable. Because a Linux server is included, users can use CGI or a proxy for Python or node js. At its core technologies, they still can be changed.

Join WebAsOne:

WebAsOne provides a win-win-win for WebAsOne-agencies-customers. See

With many layoffs from big companies, most individuals cannot fight against them. WebAsOne can provide a low-risk and long-term solution for you.

To start website companies with minimal overlapping customers.

  • Start a two-person local digital agency in most cities worldwide — one agency per city. See Reddinglist.
  • Provide localized website services. See Web-localized.
  • Targeted certain content-based website services. i.e., AsoneChurch
  • Copy an existing web app website.
  • Hybrid websites. Each hosted server is a CentOS server. Just add your applications and let WebAsOne take care of the website part. The management server will be able to update JS or PHP files efficiently.

WebAsOne will provide a free management server for one year. You will be the primary owner of each company. WebAsOne provides a low-risk way to grow a company. You can have an unfair advantage in continuously providing the best value to customers. The sky is the limit.

Contact me if you are interested in any of the companies above. Start receiving equities with 20 or more paying websites. More involvements are welcome.

Because WebAsOne is one, everyone agency can benefit from each other. New designs or web apps will be added constantly. The new additions will be available on all websites, including existing ones. The types and depth of websites that 2-person agencies can serve will increase and compete with more prominent agencies. One person can easily manage hundreds of websites. The operational cost is extremely low. The cost to customers will be able to compete with existing low-cost providers if you choose to. Win for WebAsOne, agencies, and customers.

WebAsOne will continue to integrate new technologies, designs, or SEO updates.

Starting a local digital agency is hard. Do you have a plan that lasts?



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