Local digital agency no-code as service

Hard to start a local digital agency. Why? There is no unique advantage.

Mission: Serve the local customers

  • Use www directory service to serve the local community.
  • To find win-win solutions for the local customers deep and wide.
  • To provide the best price solutions for end customers.

Unique advantage by WebAsOne

  • Lowest website operation cost
  • Instant interactive, customized website design
  • Forever all-changeable websites
  • Create Html/CSS/js or svelte design block
  • Best cost/solutions for end customers
  • Local websites directory service
  • Smaller team, more services
  • SuiteCRM included

Current WebAsOne is to provide tools and processes to be a successful long-turn local digital agency.

Lowest website operation cost.

WebAsOne is a continuously improving process optimization and integration platform. Currently, it focuses on website processes. To use the least amount of effort to create and manage similar websites. A 1G/1CPU/25G server can manage 100 average-sized websites on different servers. Because hosting servers are separated, the performance and stability are very reliable. The hosted websites can be on their server or shared. To scale, duplicate the setup within the same data center.

Instant interactive, customized website design.
Step 1: This is an optional step.
Create a request website. Clients can answer a list of questions. To answer questions can be done with clients, or they can answer themself. Then they can upload files and raw contents.

Step 2: Design the entire website. WebAsOne is a top-down design.

  • Select a color scheme.
  • What kind of website background?
  • How many pages?
  • How many design blocks are on each page?
  • What kind of background for each design block?
  • Any other mini-apps requirements?
  • submit form
  • email form
  • mini-shopping card
  • paginations of items
  • RBAC member access

A drag and drop UI design will be able to do it instantly with a client.

WebAsOne’s goal is to instantly duplicate an existing website with a similar design, layout, and features. WebAsOne selects a set of integrated technologies including the followings:

  • Bootstrap 4, JQuery, Vue, Svelte
  • Mysql, sqlite3, Apache server, Centos 8
  • PHP 7, Yii2
  • JavaScripts, PHP libraries

If the design or application is not available, hire a contractor to add them. WebAsOne is created for adding new features or processes improvement.

Step 3: Create an updatable live website.

  • Use shortCuts to upload images and update text
  • Fine-tuning website

Step 4: At Google domain, register a custom domain and select a hosting server or use shared hosting. Go live!

Forever all-changeable websites.

The websites will not be outdated and will continue to be fully customizable throughout — no need to redo the website.

Local websites directory service.

Let users post a website or a shopping cart. The default will be similar to Craiglist’s directory. Agency can customize the directory according to their need.

For a limited time, we offer one year free of manage server fees. Visit agencyasserice.com for more info.

CEO, WEBasONE. WEBasONE is a vertically-integrated, continuously improving, scale-ready, product website platform. See webasone.com