Do you want a website that lasts forever?

WebAsOne is a single state process to create/update a website from data-set to live website. There is no distinction between dev v.s. Live websites. Most of the time, websites need to go through a lot of iterations. With one state process, iterations will be very efficient. The fast iteration will be very effective when working with a client who can provide instant feedback on an actual website, not a mockup.

To reach product fit, it is two-way communication. Fast iteration and instant feedback are crucial to building a “product fit” website. This is where WebAsOne shine.

The data set has a vast HTML parent-child tree file. All logic is stored in the data set. WebAsOne does not treat the final website as untouchable. Any website changes must be reflected in the data set first. The website is just the output of the data set. When an update occurs, it processes the data and updates the website. WebAsOne thinks the data set is the website.

WebAsOne can handle hundreds of page websites efficiently and is ideal for complicated websites that need constant changes.

Website design platform

WebAsOne uses bootstrap four as front-end UI. There are ten color variables. Change the color scheme, change the colors defines, recompile the theme, and update the website. Just a few click away. If you do not like the result, switch back. Remember, this applies to any existing websites.

With a powerful HTML parent-child node tree editor, the user can edit page layout at the area-id view. An area could be any node from root to leaf nodes. It is suitable for all website layout possibilities. A website only uses a small fraction of nodes, like a super template for all websites. To use a node, insert a pythonModule. Empty nodes do not exist in live websites. Using an HTML tree editor, a user can convert an existing website to an entirely different one.

Users can add design blocks very quickly.

Users can have multiple designs in an area-id and. Switching designs is easy and fast. Also, changing the layout and adding/deleting pages only need a couple of clicks.

Switch website background or area background is very straightforward. The background could be transparent, image, colored, video or SVG.

The id-area of a child page default will inherent content from the nearest parent id-area. Content inherence makes creating a new page very efficient.

WebAsOne is a continuously growing integrated system. An existing website can use a newly added design.

Updating existing website

For minor changes, edit the live website.

For extensive updates, click copy to duplicate the existing website and edit the replicated website. After done, replace the updated with existing. Duplicate and replace operations are just a few clicks and take several minutes.



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